Invite Daily Quotes bot

Hey, thanks for wanting to invite the bot to your discord server! Here's a few things you should know before inviting it.

Invite the bot

The bot is currently in it's beta stages, meaning that there may be a few bugs. Please wait until the 1st of January, as that's the "official" release, but there aren't many bugs (I've tested it!)


/quote [channel]
This command will send the quote to the channel you are currently in, or the one that you've specified. Does not change configuration.
/quotechannel [channel]
This command is for configuring the channel that the bot will send the message to daily. Please make sure the bot has access to send messages there!
/quotetime [TIME]
This will set the time of day that the quote will be sent.
Format (HHMM, where HH is the hour and MM is the minute) in UTC.

Terms and conditions && Privacy

We take privacy very seriously. The bot collects basic usage information, such as number of members in the guild, and stores it in RAM (soon to be in a database for statistical reasons). Here's a screenshot of the database structure (as of beta 1.0)

We request that you do not use the bot in servers promoting political extremes. We do not take responsibility or liability for the quotes the bot source (From ZenQuote's API).