You found the next step. So here's the documentation for my encryption algorithm. oh yeah, it's not so easy to behold.

In the code's cryptic verse, A key and message must immerse. Sixty-nine four twenty doth the key hold, A number so enigmatic, so bold. Each character in the message, a clue, A code to decipher, through and through. For each i, a character must be found, A key char, to which it's bound. To each character, a new life is breathed, A cipher formed, so carefully weaved. For the ord of each char shall be raised, By the key_char, so aptly phased.The message now a mystery, a tale to tell, A story encrypted, for those who delve. With the key so obscure, the code so neat, This encryption is surely hard to beat.


If you need another hint, it shall be released on this page. 16th of feb.

def decrypt(encrypted_message):
key = 69420
decrypted = ""
for i in range(len(encrypted_message)):
char = encrypted_message[i]
 return decrypted